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PodCampAZ 2008

Last year was the first PodCampAZ. It was a lot of fun, but this year is looking like it will be even better.

Before, it was organized by Brent Spore (@iboughtamac) and his wife Michelle (@mspore). This year, they have been working with over a dozen volunteers to make sure the event scales — they’re expecting more speakers, more attendees, and the event will span two days.

PodCamp AZ 2008
November 1 & 2
Phoenix, AZ

(register now!)

I volunteered to give two presentations (one on each day).

First, I will talk about the future of Internet video and interactive interfaces. Many content producers use a traditional broadcast model for their content, which is very unidirectional. The Internet allows for two-way communication, which opens the door for many different ways of producing a show.

The other presentation will be about turning online connections into “in real life” (IRL) connections. Some people have concerns that “social” media is making people less social in real life. It can if that’s how you use social media. However, social media can be used as a tool to help you be more social.

Social Media Best Practices

One long-lasting meme in the blogosphere (and with SEO being such a hot topic, it’s here for a while) is “tagging” — and I’m not talking about descriptive keywords to facilitate content browsing and organization. This is tag-you’re-it tagging. I was recently tagged by Francine Hardaway, who was tagged by Sally Boldt-Strebel, to post about a best practice of social media.

Instead of saying my best practice first, and then tag people, I’m going to do it backwards.

I am going to ‘tag’ EVERYONE in the Phoenix area. This Thursday at Social Media Club Phoenix, the topic will be social media best practices and everyone who wants to participate can share theirs.

My social media best practice:
Come to the Social Media Club meeting on September 11th and I’ll tell you!

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