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Last Chance to Save or Shave Carl (And Party!)

Remember Save or Shave Carl? Well, it’s almost time for the final decision to be made!

Tomorrow, Friday, April 23rd, the mustache will either stay or go, and it all depends on the donations. Using my “MOspace” page on, people can donate and leave a message. At the party, if the people who say “Shave Carl!” have raised more money than those who say “Save Carl!” then Carl will go — AT the party.

Where does the money go? Donations and votes are cast directly to the Movember Foundation. From there, the Movember Foundation splits the money between its two beneficiaries: Livestrong & the Prostate Cancer Foundation. More details on where the money is going.

So how about that party? I’ll be providing some pizza and drinks, and there will be a live taping of Evil Genius Radio. It’ll be great fun, whether or not Carl meets his end! If you want to make sure I get enough food and drinks, RSVP on Facebook so I know how many mouths I need to feed!

Friday, April 23, 2010 7:00pm
325 E Elliot Rd
Chandler, AZ

I dropped by Leo Laporte’s cottage to show him Carl and he ended up donating to help Save Carl. Here’s the video:

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