You Think You Know (JavaScript) But You Have No Idea

For those that don’t know who Douglas Crockford is, here’s a short bio via Wikipedia:

Douglas Crockford is a senior JavaScript Architect at Yahoo Inc.. He is well known for his work in introducing JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). He has also worked on the computerization of media at Atari, Lucasfilm Ltd., and Paramount. He is the founder of two startups, Electric Communities and State Software.

I recently stumbled upon a series of videos of Douglas Crockford talking about the JavaScript language.

JavaScript is not my favorite language. Since I mainly only use the web browser implementation of the language, I have had countless experiences struggling with cross-platform incompatibility issues. Besides that, the language is great. It’s flexible, powerful, easy, and support for it is extremely widespread.

In his videos, Crockford covers a wide range of topics, from JavaScript’s history to example syntax. Many advanced JSers might find some parts of it to be a little too rudimentary, but I think there is quite a bit to learn for JavaScript programmers of any level. I’ve been writing JavaScript for over 5 years, and learned quite a few things about JavaScript that I didn’t already know.

The videos are highly recommended for anyone that uses JavaScript. The videos are even MORE highly recommended for people who know another language and are thinking about learning JavaScript.

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