Video: Making of a ‘ShalerJump’

At the last Refocus Phoenix metting, Adam Nollmeyer took some great action shots using a 3-piece lighting setup — the most sophisticated ShalerJump shoot so far!

The results were some stunning captures with very distinct lighting. We staged the jump at a memorial on Washington Street where Adam could get below my jumping start level (to increase the perceived height of the jumps). In the background, there was a building with a giant ad on it for, and I decided to jump over it!

Awesome photos by Acme PhotographyWhile I’m on the topic of videos, I have been making a video every day since July 1st on So far, these “metodays” have not been anything too exciting. I am using them as an exercise to get more proficient with video production. Tune in and watch as the quality and content get better and more interesting!

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  1. fun stuff.

    one remark, with all the wireless flash gadgets you have, perhaps you could trade one in for a wireless clip-on microphone.


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