Photography Video Tutorial: Light Speed Escalator

Earlier this year, in February, I took a fun photo at a Refocus Phoenix outing. Within the next 48 hours, that photo attracted more views (140,000+), received more comments (161) and favorites (608), and was talked about on the internet more than all of the rest of my photos combined.

Josh Gomez on the “Light Speed Escalator” — February 2007

With all the excitement around the photo, I wanted to share with everyone how simple and easy the effect is. I also wanted to show some non-believers that the effect was actually achieved without computer enhancements.

Tonight, I finally took the time to drive back to the Brickyard in Tempe and shoot a video tutorial. I took my cheap JVC camcorder ($300-$400), cheap Canon Digital Rebel XT with kit 18-55mm 3.5 lens (currently under $500), and two reeeally cheap tripods and made this cheap video!

The Result: Brian Shaler — November 2007

Let me know what you think in the comments here (general feedback), on Viddler (feedback on the video), or Flickr (feedback on the photo).

61 Replies to “Photography Video Tutorial: Light Speed Escalator”

  1. Great effect – thanks for sharing! You made it look so quick and easy – love it! I just pray for escalators and similar lighting conditions during one of my future wedding photography assignments!

  2. I think the photo is brilliant! And the technique is so unusual! Thanks for sharing such interesting information! I’ve forwarded your post to my friend who just adored it! As for me, this blog could be very useful for writing service Cheers!

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