Phoenix Light Rail Opens

I’ve written several times about the Phoenix tech community. One of the issues is transportation. We’re so spread out and it’s not easy for people to meet up with others. Inevitably, you’ll have people driving 20-30 miles from all directions to meet up. It’s tough to get a group together to go out to some bars in downtown Phoenix if everyone has to drive home afterward.

While it won’t cure the problem, the Phoenix Light Rail will help scratch some itches and help feed the nightlife in downtown Phoenix, Tempe, and other cities struck by the route. The light rail was an extremely expensive project and will be convenient for a small percentage of the population, but it is a very welcome step in the right direction.

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4 Replies to “Phoenix Light Rail Opens”

  1. Hi Brian, thanks a lot for the mention. I really look forward to using the system to do some cool tweet up’s and get togethers with people. You make some great points. I hope you are going to the Phoenix Sun’s Tweet Up on the 16th, it should be a good time.

  2. I like that you included the “extremely expensive project and will be convenient for a small percentage of the population” as that’s very very true. It’ll help move the bums from Mill out to Phx – so hopefully that’ll spread them out a bit haha.
    I think it will take a few months at the earliest for people to work it into their normal routine, but it’s a start for the valley – years behind mind you but a start none-the-less.

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